The third zodiac sign is Gemini, ruled by Mercury the psyche in Gemini is the social butterfly and are known for their boundless energy and can be very talkative and sometimes very hard to read, they run from the 22nd of May to the 21st of June.

They really are like two people, with many sides to their personality, you can’t lead them as they will always do what they want to do.

These psyche in Gemini are drawn to powerful people and often can switch on a dime about going out and partying too late or staying home.

They really need their intellect to be challenged when it comes to friends, they need there to be something in it for them to form a close bond.

They are awesome at multi-tasking and can often be accused of playing mind games, it is not malicious but more that they get bored easily and just play to spice things up.

Her Psyche In Gemini Let’s Take A Look

The psyche in Gemini has a duel nature and you will have to keep up with her if you are planning romantic pursuits.

She is wary of those that want to get close, this can make her twin come out in full force, she will be affectionate on minute but will push you away the next.

She is the muse of love and needs to be amused, the mundane is not for her she needs more excitement than that.

She is a complex woman due to her double nature and she has both dominant and submissive traits, this makes her quite a challenge sexually and if you want the psyche in Gemini woman then you need to be able to match her both mentally and sexually.

For her to be into you she needs to be a co-conspirator with you in love, a true confidant and companion, this is how she can tell you are her soulmate.psyche in gemini 2

Now For His Psyche In Gemini

The thing you need to remember about the psyche in Gemini is you are not really dealing with one man, but two.

You will really need to be alert and very complimentary to him to keep his attention if you are smart and clever with a razor-sharp wit then maybe this is the man for you.

The real key here in keeping a man like this is to allow him his freedom, if not he will run from you at a million miles an hour.

These men are flexible and very intelligent and if you want to attract one then you also need to be like him.

It is kinda strange but this is the only sign that will put up with and actually prefers his lady to be a bit sly and a real vixen even a bit fickle, he loves the games, this excites him and keeps his attention on you.

He really is a complicated man, he wants you to be the same, he loves variety and if you can be one way one day and another the next then you are right up his ally, in saying that he really is an exciting partner, jump in his car and he will whisk you away with the latest awesome soundtrack blaring from his beautiful car and state of the art sound system, he will take you to places you have never been.psyche in gemini

Psyche In Gemini Conclusion

Gemini is represented as the twins for a very good reason, they are multi-sided and love to be surrounded by admirers, sharing concepts and ideas with others stimulates their minds and this leads to their bodies also following suit.

Psyche in Gemini gets depressed if they are on their own too much, their main desire is to be loved by many and communication is a real key to how they work.

They love to attend parties, this gives them the opportunity to be the life and soul of the gathering, they can talk to anyone about anything, they also love to travel as this also allows them to meet new people and experience new things.

The psyche in Gemini is an Air sign, this means they spend a lot of time in their heads and have light personalities, can be very bubbly and easily draw people in.

Craving spiritual, emotional, and intellectual stimulation makes them mongers for new experiences and can really push others around them to the limit.

They love to dress in the latest fashion and are really very creative, masterful thinkers and amazing entrepreneurs, writers, developers, and designers.

As long as you can cope with their demands and have the energy to do so then this is the one for you.