What happens when a twin flame chaser gives up? Being a twin flame chaser is an arduous struggle. You have to seek someone who constantly rejects your loving embrace persistently.

But, perspective matters a lot in this situation. Is the runner fleeing from the chaser, or are they trying to run from themselves? Because no one in their right mind rejects love.

Only, when our lives have been tainted with the stains of our past, do we deny healers and saviours.

Runners need Time and Space

Runners go through a period of intense anguish. They might be the victims of parental abandonment or societal rejection.

They might have suffered bullying at school or physical or emotional abuse from one of their ex-lovers. When someone who accepts them wholeheartedly finally arrives in their life, they are unable to come to terms with it. They feel like it’s a hoax, and that, once again, they’re going to be the subject of disappointment.

Pessimism plagues their mind to such an extent that they’re unable to decide between right and wrong. Such people need personal space and time to resolve their emotional problems. Cornering and pressuring only exacerbates their plight.

The period of healing starts after a chaser lays down their arms

When the twin flame chaser gives up and lets organic events run their course, everything falls into place.

Sure, it might take time for the runner to realise how wrong they were to reject love in the first place, but it’s a lesson they must learn alone.

When they are left alone to heal, not only do they overcome their troubles, but also attempt to pursue the chaser.

Twins are bound to end up together

Once you’ve tasted the love of your twin flame, nothing else satiates you. You don’t rest easy until you’re in their arms once again.

The whole universe exhorts you to advance towards your destined lover. The chaser gives it all to resist the runner’s love, but in the end, all of their attempts render futile.

At the very end, they accept that they can only find meaning and purpose in life if they accept their flames’ love. Otherwise, they are never going to attain inner peace.

Let the universe do its thing!

It’s always better to let events run their natural course, instead of forcing things. The universe has a plan for all of us, and especially for twins.

It deviously conspires to align their fates. But, they must also understand each other’s reason. Otherwise, they’ll only end up prolonging the inevitable, extending their torment in the process.

Love is one of the things that can never be forced. Twin flame love is fiery, unstable and intense. It needs time to destabilise itself.

So in the end, the chaser’s surrender is a good thing. It catalyzes the return of the runner. Love isn’t meant to be forced to begin with. It’s liberating, not constricting!