Moths are beautiful creatures that have been associated with many different symbols throughout history. Moths have been seen as both good and bad luck, depending on your culture.

They are also symbolic of change, which is why they often show up during transitional times in our lives.

Moths symbolize transformation on an emotional level. Moths represent the cycle of life and death and how nothing ever really dies. When an old part of ourselves dies, a new, more evolved version emerges from the same cocoon.

In this blog post, you will learn about the spiritual meaning of Moths.

Spiritual Meaning of Moths

Moths represent the changing of seasons. You’ll see them flutter on warm summer nights and then disappear before the temperature becomes unbearably cold.

This is significant because it symbolizes that even when we feel like everything is falling apart, everything is always going to work out we just have to be patient in order for it to happen.

It is also a reminder that, although it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when we are going through tough times, there always is and will be one.

Moths symbolize change because they often show up during transitional phases in our lives. They represent an emotional transformation such as letting go or moving on.

Moths come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular ones seen are those that resemble a butterfly with their large wingspan.

In many religions, moths represent rebirth and resurrection; they carry souls to heaven or guide them back from the dead.

The moth is also often associated with temptation because of its nocturnal nature.

Here is some spiritual symbolism that is associated with moths:


Moths symbolize truth. They are a reminder that there is always a truth within our deepest, darkest thoughts and memories.

The only way to uncover it is by embracing the process of change and letting go – no matter how uncomfortable we may feel at first.

Moths can teach us about ourselves in ways we never thought possible because they show up during those times when we are at our most vulnerable and when we’re ready to release any unnecessary baggage.

Moths symbolize the truth in all its forms, such as emotions, thoughts, memories, or beliefs.


Moths also represent intuition, which is the knowledge that comes from within. It’s a synonym for instinct and refers to the ability of animals or humans to react appropriately to certain stimuli without requiring conscious thought on how best to behave based upon experience.

Moths are symbols of wisdom as well because they represent intuition in many cultures around the world.


Moths symbolize wisdom. They are a reminder that wisdom is always within our reach, even when it doesn’t seem like we’re doing anything to achieve it.

Wisdom can be found in every moment of life and the smallest things or beings sometimes hold the biggest lessons for us – such as moths who use the light from nature to help guide them in the darkness.

Moths show us that wisdom is a choice, and with time it will come to you as long as your heart remains pure and open to receive all of life’s lessons at its own pace.

Moths have been used symbolically over centuries to represent wisdom or spiritual insight. For example, some Native American tribes see butterflies and moths as the souls of their ancestors.


Moths are symbolism of faith because they have the ability to see in darkness.

The moth can be seen as a symbol of faith because it has an amazing gift of being able to fly effortlessly through the night, using its antennae to guide itself by moving away from any obstacles that might get in its way.

Spiritual insight

Moths symbolize spiritual insight because they fly into the light, which may be seen as a metaphor for spiritual enlightenment.

This can represent someone who has an innate desire or attraction to spiritual things and therefore seeks out enlightenment through religion or spirituality rather than materialism.


The moth symbolizes determination because it is a creature that cannot be easily captured and so if you chase after one, the best thing to do would be to simply let them fly away rather than trying hopelessly to capture them.

This may also represent someone who is determined in achieving their goal of reaching an objective, and who will not be deterred by any challenges that come their way.


Moths also represent vulnerability because they are creatures that do not have any natural defenses and whose only option is to simply flee.

This may be seen as a metaphor for someone who feels vulnerable in their position, such as an abused spouse or the victim of slanderous gossip.

Are Moths Sign of Good Luck?

In spirituality, Moths are recognized differently, however, in cultures across the world, moths can be seen as a sign of good luck and sometimes considered the harbinger of death.

In some cultures, moths represent the souls who have crossed over to the afterlife and are still trying to communicate with those on earth in order to help them make decisions or guide them through their life’s journey.

In most cases, moths represent a lot of good things for example loyalty and generosity. These beautiful creatures are psychic and are quite adaptable in their environment.

Are Moths Sign of Death?

As mentioned above some consider moths the harbinger of death, but why?

There are many reasons why people may believe that moths represent death.

  • The color and pattern of a moth is usually dark which is representative of the darkness in all living things.
  • Moths have been known for eating away fabric from clothes or carpets, thus symbolizing how we are all destined to one day perish.
  • The larvae of moths have been known for eating away at crops and is considered destructive.
  • Moths are attracted to light and so some believe they represent the darkness that is chasing after light.

Some cultures consider moths a sign of death because it usually takes many months for them to complete their life cycle, which can be symbolic of how we spend our lives on earth before eventually passing away.

In Mexican culture, moths are seen as a sign of death. Especially if the person is already sick, so if a moth enters their home then it means they will eventually pass away.

In Japan and China, moths represent the souls who have crossed over to the afterlife and are still trying to communicate with those on earth.

Moths are very spiritual creatures, which is why there can be so many different interpretations of what they represent.

However, when thinking about a moth it is important not only to consider the physical aspects of this creature but also to look at the spiritual meaning behind it.

Dreaming About a Moth

If you are dreaming about moths they can be quite significant because most of the time they are not seen in dreams or we don’t recognize them in dreams.

It is important to know the spiritual meanings behind moths because they are one of the strongest signifiers in dreams.

They represent both good and bad things which makes them an even more significant symbol when you see one in your dream.

Followed by a moth

If you are being followed by a moth, it could be that you are struggling to make decisions in your life or may need guidance.

Dead Moth

If you see a death moth in your dream, then it symbolizes the ending of a relationship in your waking life. So if there is someone you love dearly, then you need to talk to them.

Moth in the Home

If you see a moth flying around your home, then it symbolizes that there is an unknown feeling of fear lurking.

Money Moths (Black Witch Moths)

When dreaming about money moths, they can mean good news. It could mean that there is some money coming your way or it can also signify someone close to you will be receiving a large amount of cash.

Moth in the Bathroom

If you are dreaming about a moth flying around your bathroom, then it symbolizes that there is some secret or hidden desire which needs to be resolved.

Moth in the Bedroom

If you are dreaming about a moth flying around your bedroom, then it symbolizes that there is something from a past life that needs to be resolved.

Dreaming of Moths Flying Around Your Head

When you dream about moths flying around your head, then it symbolizes that you may feel like an outsider or have feelings of loneliness.

Moth in the Kitchen

If you are dreaming about a moth flitting around your kitchen, then it could signify some underlying anxiety that needs to be addressed. It can also mean there is something wrong with one’s diet.

A moth flying towards the light

If a moth is flying towards the light then it symbolizes that there are spiritual changes and transformations in your life.

Moth near an open flame

When you dream about seeing a moth near or next to an open flame, then it signifies how quickly problems can arise if they have not been addressed.

Moth Colors In Dreams

Seeing different colors of moths can symbolize different things. Here are some examples:

Black Moth

If you see a black moth in your dream, then it could mean that someone close to you is lying.

Brown Moth

If you are dreaming about brown moths, they signify good news or the arrival of an old friend from out of town.

Blue Moth

When blue moths appear in dreams it signifies happiness and a good feeling about life.

Grey Moth

If you are dreaming of a grey moth, then it can signify some sadness or depression in your waking life that needs to be dealt with.

Green Moth

If you dream about a green moth, then they represent new beginnings and starting something fresh which is full of energy. The green moth also symbolizes the hope that everything will turn out just fine.

Purple Moth

If you are dreaming of a purple moth, then it could signify some confusion in your life or uncertainty about things to come.

Yellow and Orange Moths

If you dream of seeing yellow and orange moths flitting around, then they signify some unexpected good news or an upcoming change.

Moth as Your Spirit Animal

Moths represent a transformation in the soul. Moths are most often associated with spiritual enlightenment and a new beginning.

Moth spirit animal symbolism is about you being the phoenix rising from ashes, starting anew after suffering through major life changes, or discovering your true self-worth.

Moth symbolizes rebirth and renewal for those who have been closed off emotionally to the world.

Moth spirit animal symbolism can also be about you being someone who sees the light at the end of the tunnel or a messenger from Heaven that brings soul messages to earth-bound beings.

Moths are associated with spirituality through their ability to fly away in search of enlightenment and return safely back home when they have found it.

Moths symbolize that you are embarking on a long journey to find yourself, and when you do return home safely – you will be enlightened.

Moth spirit animal symbolism has also been used in literature as the moth being attracted to the light of truth and wisdom.

Moths represent a transformation in your life or someone else’s life; they can symbolize change or a lack of change. Moths are a symbol for death and resurrection or the journey to enlightenment.


The moth is a beautiful creature that has been associated with many different symbolisms and some of them are explained in this post.

Whether you see them as good or bad luck, depends entirely on your current situation.

They are symbolic of change; often showing up during transitional times in our lives to lead us into something new.

Next time one shows up, take some time to reflect on what may be going on for you and appreciate how it’s there to help guide you along the way!