Have you ever dreamed about laying your hands on someone and praying for their healing?

This dream is not uncommon among those who believe in the power of divine energy and spiritual healing.

It is a calling to serve others through compassion and love, to receive and share the spiritual gifts bestowed upon us, and to connect with a higher power and our spiritual purpose.

Channeling Divine Energy and Healing

The act of laying hands on someone for healing purposes is known as channeling divine energy.

It involves tapping into the universal life force energy that flows through all living things, including ourselves.

By channeling this energy, we can help bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit of those in need.

Serving Others through Compassion and Love

The desire to lay hands on someone for healing often comes from deep compassion and love.

We want to ease the suffering of others, whether it be physical or emotional pain.

By serving others this way, we fulfill our purpose as spiritual beings.

Receiving and Sharing Spiritual Gifts

Those who feel called to lay hands on others for healing purposes often have spiritual gifts that they have received from a higher power.

These gifts may include clairvoyance, clairsentience, or the ability to communicate with spirits.

We use these gifts to benefit others and share our blessings with those who need them most.

Connection to a Higher Power and Spiritual Purpose

Laying hands on someone for healing can also deepen our connection to a higher power.

It is an act of faith that requires us to trust in something greater than ourselves.

Through this connection, we can understand our spiritual purpose in life.

A Sign of Empowerment and Service to Humanity

Finally, laying hands on someone for healing signifies empowerment and service to humanity.

It takes courage to step up as a healer, but we positively impact the world by doing so.

We are contributing to the greater good by helping others heal themselves.

Laying on of Hands is a Universal Practice

Playing hands with someone for healing is not limited to religion or culture.

It has been practiced by people all over the world and throughout history.

The Healing Power of Touch

Touch has been shown to have a powerful healing effect on the body and mind.

When we lay hands on someone for healing, we tap into this natural healing power.

Science Supports Energy Healing

Growing scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of energy healing practices like laying on hands.

Studies have shown that these practices can help reduce pain, anxiety, and depression.

Healing Can Happen at a Distance

Energy healing can be effective even if the healer is not physically present with the person being healed.

This is known as distance healing or remote healing.

Healers Must Take Care of Themselves

Those who feel called to lay hands on others for healing must also take care of their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

This includes practicing self-care techniques like meditation and exercise.

Everyone Has the Potential to Be a Healer

While some people may have a natural talent for energy healing, anyone can learn how to do it with practice and dedication.

The Importance of Intention in Healing

The intention is key in energy healing practices like laying on hands.

The healer must have pure intentions and a strong desire to help the healed person.

Healing Is Not Always Physical

Energy healing can also help address emotional and spiritual issues affecting someone’s well-being.

It is important to approach each holistically when offering energy healing services.

The Significance of Dreams in Many Spiritual Traditions

Dreams have held significant meaning for many spiritual traditions throughout history.

They are often seen as messages from a higher power or the subconscious mind.

The Power of Prayer in Healing

A prayer is a powerful tool for healing, both physically and spiritually.

When we pray for someone’s healing, we tap into this power and ask for divine intervention.

Dreaming about Praying for Someone

If you dream about praying for someone, it may be a sign that you can offer healing energy to others.

Evangelist Joshua’s Interpretation of Dreams About Praying for Someone

According to Evangelist Joshua, dreaming about praying for someone can indicate that you have a gift of healing and should use it to help others.

Dreaming About Praying For A Sick Person

If you dream about praying for a sick person, it may indicate that they need your prayers and positive energy during their illness.

Dreaming About Healing Someone

If you dream about healing someone, it could mean that you can help them through their physical or emotional pain.

In Islam: Dreaming About Someone Praying For Me

In Islam, if you dream about someone praying for you, it is seen as a sign of love and care from that person toward you.

It is also believed to bring blessings and good fortune into your life.

Dreaming About A Woman Praying For Me

If you dream about a woman praying for you, it may indicate that nurturing energy is present in your life at this time, which will help guide and support you on your journey.


In conclusion, if you have ever dreamed about laying hands on someone for healing purposes, know that it is not just a dream but a calling.

We can make a difference in those around us by channeling divine energy, serving others through compassion and love, sharing our spiritual gifts, connecting with a higher power, and empowering ourselves as healers.