Arcturian Starseed is the name given to souls from Arcturus who have incarnated on earth with human bodies. Arcturian Starseeds are very spiritual beings and they often feel they don’t belong here on Earth.

They can also be called Arcturians, or Arcturiens. These individuals come to this planet for a mission that is specific to them, and one of those missions involves healing or facilitating change on  Earth in some way.

Arcturians are pure energy beings or at least this is how they are described, there are few images on the internet floating around portraying how they look. They are the most multidimensional of all the Starseed souls, they traverse through dimensions acquiring vast amounts of knowledge.

Of all the Starseed beings Arcturians are probably the most interesting.

Who Are The Arcturians?

The Arcturians are a race of beings from Arcturus, a star system in the constellation Arcturus that is 36 light-years away.

They are known for creating new forms of self-expression and exploring the depths of human potential. Arcturians are often considered to be a highly advanced race, holding a high level of technical knowledge as well as vast spiritual awareness.

They have been called “Star Sages” because they offer guidance from their higher dimensional perspective. Think of your favorite RPG game and think in terms of characters like mages and sages with special abilities and you will get the picture.

Arcturian Starseeds may be attracted to Earth because Arcturus is part of the Milky Way Galaxy and Arcturian Starseeds may feel responsible for Earth and its inhabitants.

Arcturians are natural empaths, but they may also feel a sense of responsibility for overseeing or guiding human evolution on earth in some way.

Arcturian Starseeds often have strong psychic ability and can be clairsentient (knowing without being told), as well as a clairvoyant (seeing without being told). Arcturians are often drawn to the human experience and can be found working in all sorts of areas.

Many Arcturian Starseeds have a strong spiritual connection with nature, animals, or plants but some of them have other missions and have less need for such a deep nature connection.

Where Do The Arcturians Come From?

Now begs the question where do Arcturians come from?

Arcturians are from the star system Arcturus which is 36 light-years away from Earth. Arcturians are believed to have colonized a planet called Arcture because of its hospitable climate, which means the planet has a very low level of radiation and an atmosphere that prevents UV rays from reaching the surface.

It’s possible that Arcturians may be bored with their own home planet. Arcturians are natural explorers and they may want to explore the universe in search of something new.

What Do The Arcturian Starseeds Look Like?

Arcturians are of average height around five feet tall and have a blueish skin tone. They have cat-like eyes that can range from light to dark colors such as red, green, or brown.

Most of them are slender in build and thin. Arcturians are humanoid-looking but have four fingers and a thumb. Arcturian males usually keep their hair long while the females often keep theirs short or in a bun.

Arcturians are telepathic, but the level of this power varies from one to another. They also have the ability to see both etheric and physical energies, but not always at the same time. Arcturians are also telekinetic, but again the level of this power varies.

Arcturians have a long life span and can live for up to 900 earth years. Arcturians do not age as humans do because their energy is timeless in nature.

They also have the ability to teleport. Arcturians can travel between dimensions and are able to move through astral planes as well.

Some Arcturians are known to be just energy beings, no physical body and are not visible to the naked eye, and can only be seen as energy signatures.

Arcturian Starseed Traits

Arcturians are known for their ability to be telepathic and have the ability to see both etheric and physical energies. Arcturians can also teleport when they want to move from one place to another quickly.

However, their abilities on earth with a human body vary greatly. Arcturians are capable of being healers which is a very beneficial trait.

Arcturian Starseeds have the following traits; check them to know if you are one of them:

  • Feel that they don’t belong to their family
  • Geometry is their favorite
  • Drawn towards fundamental sciences, like quantum physics
  • Have lower body temperature
  • Attracted toward metaphysics and paranormal
  • Special interest in astronomy, aliens, ancient civilizations, and night sky
  • Unable to comprehend the social hierarchy
  • Their blood pressure remains low most of the time
  • Experience synesthesia
  • Science, technology, mathematics, and everything new attract them
  • When they close their eyes, colorful geometric patterns might appear
  • Have a good memory
  • Known for being highly empathic
  • Always ask philosophical questions
  • Highly sensitive towards smells, sounds, lights, etc.
  • Want to design and build the future of Earth
  • Not easy to break
  • Like to be appreciated
  • Good planners and organizers
  • They do miracles in music, science, and mathematics

Apart from all the traits mentioned above, they are very capable of self-love and love for others. Love to help people in need, not just with spiritual healing but physically as well.

They possess the ability of clairvoyance which gives them more responsibility to be more understanding of others and not abuse the power they have. They can read thoughts from long distances away without any physical contact necessary and also predict future events accurately.

Arcturians are very powerful with their mind and are able to influence people’s thoughts.

Arcturians show love, understanding, compassion, hope for others, and patience with anyone they come in contact with or care about. They have a strong sense of self-worth as well.

They are the ones who have a deep connection with other worlds and stars. They like to travel, meet new people and learn about different cultures too.

Arcturians love to stargaze, their mind always seems to be focused on the stars and their thoughts are always about space.

Arcturian Energy

If there is one Starseed soul that connects with energy, then it’s the Arcturians. The Arcturians are the most predominant of the Starseed souls to use energy in its most powerful form.

They have a deep connection to energy and this is because they are energy masters and serve as conduits for divine energy through healing, balancing, and seeing the world with love.

However, there are things they need to learn if they are to balance the flow of energy around them. It takes time to become accustomed to our 3D human world and how our electromagnetic fields work here.

An Arcturian may do things that seem unusual or uncomfortable for people to maintain the balance of their own energies.

If you have a friend that just up and changes plans and takes off in the middle of things, then you can almost guarantee they are an Arcturian

They might be needing space to take a long walk in nature, meditating in silence, do some yoga poses without speaking, or spend a few hours alone.

They also need to be in a calm and supportive environment without excessive noise, clutter, or negative people whenever possible.

If they or you are sure you are Arcturian and don’t give yourself time or space to refill with the above-mentioned activities, maybe it is the reason why you implode or explode when you least expect or want to.

They thrive on love and light and can become exhausted from not having enough of these things around them so they are often drained by any situation that isn’t nurturing for their energy body.

Arcturians love knowledge, and they are constantly trying to understand the human world so they can be better healers and supporters.

This means that they may have to spend lots of time alone, in deep contemplation or meditation, studying how energy works on Earth.

Arcturian Traits Include:

  • Deep connection or will to understand energy
  • Ability to see the world through love and light
  • Tendency to take long walks in nature or do yoga poses in silence
  • Tendency to thrive in a calm and supportive environment without excessive noise, clutter, or negative people
  • Love of knowledge about how energy works on Earth
  • Need for deep contemplation, meditation, study time alone

Arcturian energy is the life force of love and light. Arcturians are usually very grounded Starseed souls. This is because they spend so much time on Earth studying how energy works in this world and learning from humans about what it means to be human. Their focus includes everything that comes with being in a physical body—emotions, reactions, problems, joys, and struggles.

The Arcturians love to study human behavior because they are so curious about how people react in various situations.

They want to know what makes humans happy or sad and why some emotions feel one way while others feel different.

Arcturian energy is a positive force that can balance all the negative energy in the world. It is a healing energy that brings hope and love to those who need it most while also balancing out any negative forces around them.

How Can Arcturians Stay Grounded?

Although Arcturians are happy and positive souls, however, negativity can be strong for them and dampen their hopes and dreams.

Arcturians are sensitive beings, and often they can feel a person’s pain or negativity that is directed towards them—this is why these souls need to stay grounded.

It might also be helpful to have friends who can help them stay grounded and remind them that it’s okay to share their feelings.


When an Arcturian is empathic, they have the ability to feel other people’s emotions—this can be a gift or a curse.

And when negativity enters into the equation, it could cause these souls to withdraw from social interactions and retreat into their own world.

These souls need to trust in themselves, stay grounded, and surround themselves with positive people who will help them feel better when they are sad or angry.


One of the best ways Arcturians can use their abilities is through healing—this helps others feel better and helps themselves to stay grounded.

The first step in healing is taking a deep breath, letting go of what isn’t working, and opening up to the new possibilities that are out there—this will help them find their own peace.

It’s important for these souls not to ignore how they feel because it can lead to unhappiness.


A good way for Arcturians to stay grounded is by listening to their favorite type of music—this has the ability to uplift and inspire them.

And although they can feel other people’s emotions, it doesn’t mean that they should ignore how they are feeling.

When these souls find themselves in a negative place, they need to take some time out so that they can heal themselves.

Arcturian Gifts

There are many gifts the Arcturians have for humanity, and they come from a long-standing history in the Earth plane.

Here is a list of gifts and teaching methods they can add to raise Earth’s vibrations:

  • Arcturian understanding of the power and responsibility in numbers.
  • Understanding energy’s importance on earth, as well as how to use it for self-healing or lending assistance.
  • Using sound vibrations to heal and connect with other dimensions.

The Arcturians not only understand these concepts but have studied them for eons.

  • Understanding and teaching about the power of intention, which is often overlooked by humans.
  • The Arcturians are also very interested in how we can teach our children to understand their multidimensional selves through creative expressions such as art or storytelling

Arcturian energy has been around long before our solar system was created, and they know more than we do.

They are also interested in how to use their gifts for healing that includes creating music.

They understand the power of energy frequencies from a multidimensional perspective as well as what works best on earth based on history with us.

  • They can be the best teachers because they have so much experience. They also understand how to use their energy for healing and other purposes, like music or art therapy.
  • The Arcturians are interested in humans evolving spiritually by using more of our creative abilities (as opposed to just the logical side).
  • They believe we should go where our heart takes us, and not be afraid of our dreams. That is the way to enlightenment.
  • Arcturians believe in pure love, which can create miracles.
  • They are interested in helping people remember their divine nature.
  • They also have a lot of knowledge about different cultures and ancient civilizations on earth for teaching or healing purposes.
  • Ultimately, they want us all to be happy and healthy so we can manifest our dreams into reality. They believe that everyone deserves love and happiness.

Arcturian Starseed Mission

The Arctuirian Starseed mission is to help planet Earth and other worlds with healing and balancing our energies. They are here to hold a high frequency of positive energy that will be needed for many future events in this galaxy and beyond.

They are here just like other Starseed souls to help with the transition of worlds and energies.

The Arcturian Starseed mission is to make sure that we are all aligned in our higher selves, so we can be bigger support for each other during difficult times.

As mentioned above Arcturians are a gift to humanity, they work silently and effortlessly in the background to make sure that our path is as smooth and easygoing as possible.

Arcturians are here to help us set up a strong, sustainable society of peace, love, and unity.

Their mission also includes enlightening the people on Earth about their origin: where they come from in human terms, what this means for all of us, and what we can expect in the future.

The mission is to help people find their life purpose so that they may better serve on this planet and in this galaxy.


The Arcturian Starseeds have taken on the mission of elevating and raising our consciousness. They are here to guide us, helping us find our own way in life.

If you feel you are an Arcturian, then you will most likely have many traits that are mentioned above—but not every single one.

You need to know yourself before making any assumptions about what you need or want from your life. Seek guidance and explore your options with those around you to help decide which path feels right for you!