A strong connection is something that hits your soul. It is a spontaneous association that leaves a permanent mark on your life.

Nature might give you many chances to enjoy this connection with different people on diverse occasions. This article will cover all the possibilities of having a strong connection with someone.

Strong connection with someone:

Have you met someone and felt connected instantly? With every meeting, this feeling intensifies and you want you to indulge in the relationship more and more?

If that’s true for you, then you surely have a strong connection with someone. These signs below will help you to understand your feelings even more:

• You can easily show them who you really are
• They understand your weirdest habits that usually other people don’t get
• Communications are flawless and go smooth
• You can talk on any topic for hours
• You both enjoy the same kind of humour
• There’s always a will to spend more time together
• Goodbyes are tough
• Frequent calling and texting
• You don’t care what other people think about the relationship
• No annoying situations when living together – personal space is provided
• No hidden feelings
• Healthy arguments
• Mutual respect for each other
• Supporting each other in hard times

Strong connection with someone you barely know:

The above mentioned are the signs showing a connection with someone who you know, but do you know that you could also have a strong connection with someone you barely know.

There are many people in your life that your soul knows from your previous life, but your current body doesn’t have the memory of it.

When you meet these individuals in your life, you can connect immediately.

Here are the signs that show you have this kind of connection with someone:

• The first meeting feels like you have known them for ages
• There’s an instant connection
• A simple few minutes of talking feels like of hours
• You want to know them more
• There’s a strong urge to know them
• You feel addicted to them and search for them on social media and other platforms
• All their habits seem cute
• You want to improve yourself
• Time is not a problem because you always have it for them
• You feel like you are falling for them
• Your dreams are about them most of the time
• You can feel their joy and sadness even when they don’t share it with you
• You might feel like, you don’t know that person, but it seems like you know them completely and they feel the same way for you

Strong connection with someone you never met

Could this even be possible? Can you have a strong connection with someone you never met? Yes! It is true. You can have this connection.

Have you ever seen a person in a subway that seems familiar? And whenever you see them, they are looking back at you?

You two completed the whole conversation through your eyes only? If that’s true, it means that you have witnessed a strong connection with someone that you are unaware of.

These are signs of that connection:

• You feel like you have known them for ages even at the first glance
• Their presence makes you feel comfortable
• You don’t want to move away from looking at their eyes
• They look back at you with the same feelings
• You want to know them more
• Even only one meeting in your life makes you feel like you remember them
• No matter how hard you try, you cannot forget them
• The connection is intense that you feel baffled at the time of the encounter

Strong spiritual connection with someone

A strong spiritual connection with someone is above all the relationships you have enjoyed in life. It is a deep association that unites soul to soul.

Here is the list of signs that you feel in this connection:

• Their presence makes you feel highly comfortable
• You are authentic with each other
• You two can talk on any topic without any hesitation
• Intimacy is more than sleeping together
• You both have the same morals and life values
• The touch between you is natural all the time
• You can sense when they are happy or sad
• When they are in danger, you just know
• The love is unconditional at both ends
• Both of you help each other to heal
• There is lots of happy time together
• There are many similar habits
• Differences are accepted and appreciated
• Both are ready to help each other any time
• Mutual respect for each other