How do you react when you dream about large areas of water or see yourself underwater in a clear blue ocean in your dreams?

Water in dreams, particularly when it’s a captivating shade of blue, can trigger various emotions and feelings. These dreams might serve as a source of inspiration, comfort, or a prompt for self-reflection.

Symbolisms of Blue Water in Dreams

Depth of the Soul

The ocean, especially when depicted as vast blue expanses, is often considered a metaphor for the soul’s depth. It’s an infinite realm of mystery, much like our inner self

When one dreams of blue water, it might indicate an invitation to explore the depths of one’s soul, understand its complexities, and uncover hidden truths.

Emotional Clarity

Clear blue water is transparent, pristine, and untainted. In a dream, this might represent clarity of emotions. 

Such dreams might occur when one has just come out of an emotional turmoil, having achieved understanding or closure. It signifies peace, resolution, and the ability to see things with newfound clarity.

Spiritual Rebirth

In many cultures and religious practices, water is commonly associated with rebirth or baptism. Blue, as a spiritually significant color, intensifies this symbolism. 

Dreaming of immersing oneself in blue water can indicate spiritual cleansing or the start of a new spiritual journey.

Intuitive Wisdom

Blue is often linked with the throat chakra in spiritual practices, which governs communication, expression, and, more importantly, intuitive wisdom. 

Dreaming of blue water may symbolize a heightened sense of intuition or a call to trust one’s inner voice more closely.

Overcoming Emotional Barriers

Like roaring waves or tumultuous seas, turbulent blue waters can signify one’s battle with emotional challenges. 

It can represent the internal struggles one is experiencing and the courage required to navigate through them. However, the color blue also assures that tranquility can be achieved with time and understanding.

Spiritual Connection and Guidance

Blue, being the color of the sky, signifies the celestial. Water bodies in dreams often act as reflective surfaces, mirroring the heavens. 

This can be interpreted as a direct connection or channel to the spiritual realm or universe. Dreaming of calm blue waters may indicate guidance, protection, or messages from a higher realm.

Blue Water Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dream ScenarioPossible Interpretation
Calm blue waterInner peace, serenity, emotional balance
Turbulent blue waterStruggling with deep emotions or spiritual dilemmas
Diving into the blue waterSearching for deeper understanding or self-discovery
Sailing on blue waterNavigating life with clarity and purpose
Surrounded by blue waterFeeling embraced by spirituality or personal truth
Drinking blue waterAbsorbing spiritual knowledge or healing
Blue waterfallOverwhelming spiritual revelations or blessings
Blue water with fishAbundance and spiritual growth
Frozen blue waterStagnation or suppressed emotions
Rising blue waterIncreasing spiritual awareness or emotional surge

Calm blue water

When you dream of calm blue water, it reflects a state of inner harmony and emotional balance. It suggests that you’re currently in a phase of life where you feel at peace with your emotions and the world around you. 

This serenity may have been achieved after resolving personal conflicts or gaining insights into past challenges. It’s a positive sign that you’re navigating life with a clear mind and a tranquil heart.

Turbulent blue water

Dreaming of turbulent blue waters can signify emotional turmoil or internal struggles. Even though the water retains its pure blue hue (representing clarity), the turbulence indicates unrest or unresolved issues. 

This might be due to external conflicts, suppressed feelings, or upcoming decisions that weigh heavily on your mind. It’s a nudge from your subconscious to confront these feelings and seek resolution.

Diving into the blue water

When you dream of diving deep into blue water, it symbolizes a journey into your inner self. It’s exploring your deepest feelings, perhaps to confront suppressed emotions or memories. 

Diving can also indicate a thirst for knowledge, especially of a spiritual nature. You might be seeking clarity on existential questions and personal beliefs or trying to better understand your life’s purpose.

Sailing on blue water

Sailing signifies navigation and journey. Dreaming of sailing on blue waters implies you’re steering your life with clarity and purpose. 

The calmness of the water suggests that you’re confident about the direction you’re heading in. It also means you’re learning to trust the process and go with the flow, trusting that the universe or a higher power guides you.

Surrounded by blue water

Feeling surrounded by blue water in a dream can be comforting and overwhelming. On one hand, it signifies being embraced or protected by spiritual or emotional truths. It’s a cocoon of understanding and acceptance. On the other hand, if the sensation is overwhelming, it might indicate feelings of isolation or being trapped in one’s emotions or thoughts.

Drinking blue water

To drink blue water in a dream suggests that you’re absorbing wisdom, emotional healing, or spiritual knowledge. 

As water is vital for sustenance, drinking blue water can mean you’re nourishing your soul with positive energies or insights, leading to personal growth and transformation.

Blue waterfall

A blue waterfall in a dream can signify a torrent of emotions or spiritual revelations. Waterfalls represent power and abundance. 

Suppose you witness or interact with a blue waterfall. In that case, it might indicate that you’re releasing pent-up emotions or are on the verge of a major personal breakthrough, emotional or spiritual.

Blue water with fish

Fish in dreams often symbolize abundance, personal growth, and spiritual advancement. 

Bluewater teeming with fish suggests a fertile period where your actions lead to significant personal or spiritual growth. It also hints at untapped potential or opportunities that are waiting to be explored.

Frozen blue water

Like an icy pond or glacier, seeing frozen blue water suggests emotional stagnation or suppressed feelings. 

The blue color retains its symbolism of clarity and tranquility, but the frozen state indicates an inability to express or process these emotions. 

It might be a call to action, urging you to thaw these frozen sentiments and confront what’s been holding you back.

Rising blue water

Dreaming of rising blue waters, as in a filling basin or a tide coming in, symbolizes an increasing awareness of your emotions or spiritual insights

It could be a progressive realization or acceptance of certain truths in your life. 

However, if the rising water induces panic or fear, it might indicate feeling overwhelmed by these realizations or emotions.

Harnessing the Power of Blue Water Dreams

To make the most out of these dreams, consider:

  • Keeping a dream journal: Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Over time, patterns emerge, guiding your spiritual journey.
  • Meditation: Reflect on the imagery of blue water to invoke feelings of peace and spirituality in your daily life.


Dreams, especially those with the vividness of blue water, are more than just nightly escapades of the mind. 

They’re a mirror to our soul, reflecting our deepest fears, desires, and questions. While interpretations can provide guidance, the true meaning always lies within you. 

Dive deep, for within its blue depths. You might just find the answers you seek.