Truly blessed are those who have a spiritual love connection.

It entwines souls in deep love, fostering individual and mutual growth.

Every one of us is on a spiritual journey towards something more significant, but spiritual partners are lucky enough to embark upon this journey together.

If you have a spiritual bond with someone, never take it for granted and spend every day, strengthening it.

Your endurance will come to fruition, trust me, mine did.

Signs of Spiritual Love Connection

Drives you towards your purpose

Passion does not overwhelm you; instead, it opens your eyes to your real purpose in life.

Many of the relationships on this planet are based on lust. However, a spiritual connection is something else altogether.

Why do I say that? Well, for starters, it’s emotionally overwhelming and assuring at the same time.

Real lovers make each other feel at home in times of tragedy, regret, sorrow and celebrate with intense lovemaking in merriment.

They vow to traverse the open seas through thick and thin.

That is why they’re able to adapt to all sorts of situations. Their genuine love for each other fuels their struggle.


A spiritually-fueled love is never constricting. On the contrary, it liberates you from your greatest fears and insecurities.

If you have someone in your life that not only embraces your imperfections but celebrates them, you are truly gifted.

Not many people meet the hefty standards of superficial love in this world.

And that is why, there is another kind of love for the brokenhearted the lost, the wanderers, and one that does not demand but wholeheartedly accepts.


Being an Introvert, I always felt queasy in social settings.

I was never able to make eye contact and have an erudite conversation with anyone.

But, when I found my soul-mate everything changed. It was astounding how easily I could spend long hours with her and not feel a twinge of awkwardness.

Everything was spontaneous, from our conversations to our silence. That’s what spiritual love is all about!

You Rediscover Yourself

When you meet the right person, you rediscover yourself. Why do I say that?

Well, we don’t start believing in ourselves until a certain someone comes and puts their faith in us.

Not only do our emotional horizons stretch in their care and affection, but our spirituality also flourishes.

After meeting my soulmate, I became more opinionated, understanding and compromising.

My anger subsided and was replaced with evenhandedness.

It is your only priority

Nothing trumps real love. People who fight for their spiritual togetherness against insurmountable odds change the course of their destinies.

If you’re willing to take on the world for someone, and they’re eager to return the favour, then you’re both meant to be.

Careers and social templates will be nothing but momentary obstacles in your path.

You have to respect such a connection. Many people lose something indispensable as this and then blame society for it.

Stop complaining and fight for what you have. Become deserving of something this special.