Many of us experience spiritual awakening symptoms, believe it or not, it is a sign that you are going through a major shift in consciousness.

You tend to notice these awakening symptoms if you are resonating with the path of spirituality.

Before going further, lets clear your doubts on what spiritual awakening is?

Spiritual awakening means waking up or evolving from your ego-self into your higher self. There is a massive energy shift happening in the universe, and you are part of it.

Everyone goes through certain spiritual changes throughout their lives, which some are aware of, and some are not.

Let’s jump right into the topic. There are certain symptoms that you might encounter when you are going through the awakening process. However, in the beginning, the signs and symptoms you experience are less in number.10 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Keep in mind that some people do not go through any symptoms, while some may show intense signs that can be overwhelming. If you have any of these symptoms, do not panic! You are alright and are spiritually evolving.

Physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

When you are going through a spiritual awakening, every cell in your body changes. Your senses are vibrating at a higher rate, and your frequency is reaching the universe, which will transform your life.

Some of the physical symptoms are:

Painful Symptoms

Painful symptoms in the head, leg, and back are common due to the change in the pattern of DNA as you awake from within.

Irritating Symptoms

Stomach aches, feeling of fullness, dehydration, itching in the skin without any medical conditions is possible as you progress to be enlightened.

Weight Gain

Some people gain a lot of weight during this period in the process of upgrading.

Change of Sleeping Pattern

For some sleeping patterns change, dreams, and thoughts keep them awake at night – for others, loneliness causes the opposite effect.

Energy Shifts

There is an extreme shift in energy – from being tired to being active.


Rapid body shaking is another symptom of spiritual awakening; however, it won’t last long.

Tingling Sensation

Tingling sensation in the ears every day as you catch frequencies and vibrations from the universe.

Psychological Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Psychological symptoms deal with an inward understanding of yourself. It is beyond the physical state. Psychological symptoms are more important to understand.


You start re-defining your existence. Whatever you learned before has no value now. You seek knowledge to know more about life. There will be a massive change in the way you think – listening to your inner voice is one of them.

The Past

Your past no longer serves you. Some memories may haunt you; suppressing them won’t make them go away, instead accept it and let go.


You cry for no apparent reason. This may be due to fears from the past or acceptance of the present circumstances, which makes you feel depressed. Since crying is good and releases the negative energy through tears, it’s better to cry than suppress the emotion.


You develop a strong sense of intuition. You know what other people are thinking about you and what their motives are.

Paranormal Activities

You start seeing paranormal activities or show more interest in other dimensions. Your psychic abilities begin to increase.

Change in Career

A lot of people start to change their daily schedule and focus on what their heart desires like changes in career. Mostly, leaving everything that offers them less value.


You feel that you have a divine purpose, and you are not just the body.

See Auras

Some people can see auras and can distinguish positive and negative vibrations.


Animals and birds are more likely to behave in a certain way when you are around.

Subliminal Messages

Whenever you are in doubt or fear, you see subliminal signs that lead you to the answer to your questions.


You feel highly vulnerable because you are sensitive but always have good intentions for other people – the feeling of compassion grows.

Life And Death

You are not afraid of dying. You realize that life and death are part of the transition, and there is more to us even after death. Death is not the end.


You may withdraw from your family and friends not because you do not love them, but to find out the true essence of relationships, you must first let go of it and seek its deeper meaning. After a duration of time, you may develop a new relationship with your family.


You start seeing synchronic number patterns as you are in tune with the universal vibrations.


You seek to know more about the metaphysical and philosophies of the universe.

Advice For The Awakening Journey

If the above symptoms match and you feel you are going through a spiritual awakening, remember that it is a process that changes the perception, vibration, and energy into a higher level.

There is no specified period in which the process may last. It varies from people to people. Some take a few months while others take years. You need to stay calm and not rush things.

Some people tend to be depressed during this period – which is normal. Use this time to discover yourself. Please take it positively, let go of thoughts that do not serve you. You are now a highly vibrating force, whatever you seek, you will achieve. Have faith and be grateful to the universe; it will guide you to the right path.