Many of us with soulmates have that unique experience of being unable to get our soulmate out of our thoughts. Sometimes they are the furthest things in our minds, and then all of a sudden can’t help but think about them. Even when we try to not think about them by doing things they still occupy our mind.

If you have been through this experience then you know it can be a curse or a blessing.

Soulmate Connection Feelings

We all share feelings, thoughts and experiences of another human being, this is known as empathy. An empathic soulmate relationship is very much different from a spiritual connection because an empathic connection is all about feelings. You are probably aware of this type of relationship and often wondered if you are going crazy, you have probably felt out of control with strong emotions towards your soulmate.

These emotions come through the empathic soulmate connection, we could be having a great day and feel joy and then all of a sudden there is a rush of emotion, we can feel sad or depressed without knowing why. These feelings come from absolutely nowhere, and they do get strong. It’s your way of reading your soulmate, by feeling the emotions yourself.

If your soulmate relationship is going well, then you will feel right because you will be in the love bubble, these intense emotions you are feeling will do you a lot of good. However, if your relationship with them is not going well, then these emotions will drive you crazy.Soulmate connection feelings

Why Do We Have an Empathic Connection With Our Soulmate?

It’s easy to know why that may be the case, if you are someone who is compassionate and emotional then you will probably have an empathic connection with your soulmate. Empathic feelings are not yours, they are coming from somewhere else, so when you do get these sudden rush of emotions allow yourself to think for a moment and ask yourself if these feelings are yours.

If the emotions you are feelings are not yours, then ask yourself if you need to feel them right now? You can stop these emotions from overwhelming you when you can recognise they are not yours.

When you are spending time apart from your soulmate, and you’re wondering how they are doing and these emotions overwhelm you, either they are sad or happy thoughts then this is how your soulmate is feeling. Having an empathic connection with your soulmate doesn’t have to be a curse, and you don’t have to let these emotions get to you instead you can use them for information.

You Can Send Them Back

Whenever your soulmate sends you feelings you can’t handle, you can always send them back. Start accepting that these feelings are not yours, just let these emotions go.

If your soulmate is resisting and does not treat you well, don’t act on those feelings and don’t use them as an excuse to contact them. You should just let them be, your soulmate has their own lessons to learn, and if they are feeling bad, they also know that they have the power to stop feeling this way.

An empathic connection is another level of soulmate bonding. It can be good or bad, once you both have learned these valuable lessons soon enough, you will both be on the right track.