Most shy guys find it hard to express their true feelings― with candor― to the girls they’re interested in. Instead, they leave subtle clues that are hard to interpret.

Sometimes, you catch him staring at you, but he quickly recoils and creates confusion in your mind.

So, how can you eliminate these doubts and ensure that he’s smitten with you?
These signs will clarify everything.

He sends you texts throughout the day

He texts you throughout the day and shares his thoughts with you. When a guy thinks about you a lot, and he can’t directly confront you, he often connects with you through cute texts.

He shares a profound spiritual connection with you, and whenever he feels like you’re down, he sends you uplifting texts to let you know that even in his physical absence, he still thinks about your well-being.

He gives you personalised gifts

He notices subtle details about your interests and dislikes. He often gifts you things that you like, even though it’s not a special occasion. Moreover, his gifts are personalised and show that a lot of thoughtfulness has gone into their selection.

He always asks about your day

He takes a keen interest in your day-to-day activities because he wants to explore more about you.

He wants to know about your circle of friends and colleagues, and how they treat you because he genuinely cares about your life

He prioritises your company over everything else

His mornings and night start and end with you respectively. After a long day of work, he would rather spend some quality time with you than crash to bed.

You are his peace and solitude, and that is why he values every minute he spends with you.

He asks about your well-being even when he is extremely busy

Even when he’s completely overwhelmed by work, he never forgets to ask about your well-being.

His love for you is purely selfless. He sacrifices his personal life, just so that you don’t have to go through hardships in your life.

He understands that when you like someone, you have to sacrifice your interests for them.

He’s emotionally comfortable around you

He’s honest with you, and even if he hides everything from others around him, he never conceals anything from you.

He shares his deepest and darkest secrets with you, without breaking a sweat. He doesn’t feel emotionally vulnerable around you but sees you as a ray of comfort.

He never leaves you out in a decision

He never makes a decision, without consulting you. He thinks about building a future with you, and that is why his decisions often weigh in your interests and suggestions.

Moreover, not only does he ask for your expert advice, he highly values it.

He’s always babbling on about you

Whenever he’s with his friends or family, he’s always mentioning you in one way or another.

Sometimes it gets annoying for the people around him, but he can’t help it because you’re the only thing on his mind.

He acts as your shield

He watches out for whenever you’re in a difficult situation. He’s overly-protective of your physical and mental health.

He always offers his full support whenever you’re sick or undergoing a rough time at work.