The soul urge number, also known as the heart’s desire number, offers insight into a person’s innermost cravings, motivations, and dreams. Your soul urge number reveals your deeper purpose and where you find meaning.

For those with a soul urge number 6, the core focus is on attaining balance, harmony, and stability in life. Sixes yearn for peaceful and loving relationships. They strive to create beauty, comfort, and tranquility in their environment.

Characteristics of a Soul Urge Number 6

Individuals with a soul urge number 6 are caring, responsible, and devoted. They are natural nurturers who excel at parenting, teaching, counseling, and healing. Sixes love to serve others and meet their needs.

Here are some classic traits of the soul urge number 6:

  • Altruistic, generous, and selfless
  • Strong sense of duty and service
  • Strive for balance and harmony
  • Dislike conflict and discord
  • Diplomatic, tactful communicators
  • Nurturing and protective
  • Creative self-expression
  • Appreciate beauty and art

In relationships, Sixes are exceptionally loving, affectionate, and loyal partners. They enjoy intimate connections and are fully committed once they find “the one”. Sixes cherish their family bonds as well. They nurture their children with great care and responsibility.

Challenges for Soul Urge Number 6

Although Sixes are wonderful givers, they often struggle receiving from others. They can easily dismiss their own needs while taking care of everyone else. Sixes must be mindful not to become resentful from giving too much without reciprocity.

Since Sixes dislike conflict, they may avoid confronting relationship problems head-on. Instead, they silently withdraw while tensions continue building. Assertive communication is a key area for growth.

Sixes may also wrestle with indecision and worry due to their desire for perfect outcomes. Getting paralyzed by fear of mistakes can prevent them from taking action. Sixes work on releasing control and trusting divine timing.

Soul Urge Number 6 Careers

When it comes to professional pursuits, Soul Urge Number 6 individuals thrive in careers centered around service, healing, teaching, creativity and building harmony.

Here are some fulfilling career matches:

  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Nurse
  • Therapist
  • Doctor
  • Caregiver
  • Artist
  • Interior Designer
  • Chef
  • Gardener/Landscaper
  • Childcare Worker
  • Human Resources
  • Mediator

Sixes flourish in professions allowing them to express their compassion, diplomacy, and dedication to helping others. They enjoy building strong connections in the workplace. Supportive environments where employees collaborate smoothly appeal greatly to Sixes.

Optimizing Strengths as a Soul Urge Number 6

To achieve maximum career satisfaction, Sixes should look for roles enabling them to develop their innate abilities, such as:

Diplomacy and Tact – Sixes excel at resolving conflicts and uniting divided parties. They have a talent for bringing people together through compromise. Roles in mediation, human resources or labor relations allow Sixes to optimize these pacifying gifts.

Counseling and Healing – With their warmth, intuition and nurturing spirit, Sixes make wonderful counselors, therapists and healthcare providers. They have a soothing presence that comforts and uplifts others.

Creativity – Sixes often possess substantial artistic talents and aesthetic vision. They enjoy infusing beauty into their surroundings with their imaginative gifts. Careers in visual arts, music, interior design, fashion and culinary arts enable Sixes to fully express their creative passions.

Teaching – Patient, devoted and encouraging by nature, Sixes are born to teach and mentor others. They find deep fulfillment in educating the next generation and helping individuals reach their potential.

Parenting/Caregiving – For Sixes who choose to forego careers to focus on family, parenting and caregiving allow full immersion in their soul purpose. Sixes flourish while nurturing their loved ones at home.

When serving in roles aligning with their soul blueprint, Sixes discover profound meaning and contentment. They contribute their gifts to create more peace, beauty and care in the world.

Soul Urge Number 6 Love Compatibility

In relationships, Soul Urge Number 6 individuals seek deep emotional connection, trust, and commitment. They flourish with a dependable, faithful partner who reciprocates their nurturing devotion.

Sixes are most romantically compatible with soul urge numbers 2, 4 and 8. Here is an overview of these dynamic duos:

Soul Urge 2 (“The Helper”) – This is an extremely loving and mutually fulfilling partnership between two highly compassionate individuals. Both nourish the relationship by attending thoughtfully to each other’s needs. With so much warmth and affection, this couple builds an incredibly close bond.

Soul Urge 4 (“The Builder”) – Fours appreciate and reciprocate the Six’s steady affection and dedication to the relationship. In turn, Sixes admire the Four’s reliability, loyalty and passion for creating a stable home life together. This couple shares traditional values and are in it for the long haul.

Soul Urge 8 (“The Leader”) – While very different in nature, Sixes and Eights complement each other beautifully once they understand each other’s core needs. Sixes admire the Eight’s strength and conviction, while Eights appreciate the Six’s diplomacy and devotion. Though opposites, this couple shares a profound soul connection.

In these three pairings, the Six finds a loving partner who returns their nurturing care tenfold. Both parties feel secure and valued in the relationship. When with their ideal match, Sixes blossom into their highest expression of unconditional love.

6 Soul Urge Number Careers To Avoid

While Soul Urge Number 6 individuals thrive in healing and harmony-centered careers, certain work environments should be handled with caution or avoided.

Stressful fast-paced jobs with rigid demands often conflict with the Six’s soul orientation. Combative roles provoking hostility also disrupt the Six’s inner peace.

Here are some unfavorable career choices for Soul Urge Number 6:

  • High Pressure Sales
  • Litigation Attorney
  • Fiercely Competitive Fields
  • Cutthroat Work Cultures
  • Overly Technical Positions
  • Isolated Professions With Little Collaboration
  • Chaotic Work Settings
  • Jobs With Strict Inflexible Policies
  • Workplaces With Ongoing Feuds or Tension
  • Roles Requiring Confrontational Tasks

When subjected to regular conflict, excessive strain, strictness or disharmony in their job, Sixes grow emotionally drained, anxious and depressed. Their soul needs for balance and calm remain unmet.

To preserve their well-being, Sixes should avoid careers perpetuating environments misaligned with their inner peace-seeking nature. Evaluating company culture and day-to-day role responsibilities helps determine compatibility.

Living Up To Your Soul Urge Number 6

Fulfilling your Soul Urge Number 6 means building a life that honors your soul’s compassionate, creative and harmony-loving essence. Here are some key areas to focus on:

Love & Relationships – Nourish intimate bonds with partners committed to growth, compromise and unconditional affection. Set boundaries around caretaking and communicate assertively to avoid resentment.

Career & Passions – Pursue work enabling you to help others while expressing your authentic talents and gifts. Let altruism and creativity drive your professional path.

Health & Wellness – Carve out alone time for self care. Maintain work-life balance with boundaries around giving. Engage in calming activities like yoga, meditation, gardening and nature walks.

Personal Growth – Learn to receive love, ask for help when struggling and delegate tasks that drain you. Develop confidence through decision making practice.

Environment – Curate tranquil, beautiful living spaces reflecting your unique soul essence and cherished values. Display artwork, play harmonizing music, tend indoor plants and incorporate pastels for maximum peace.

As a Soul Urge Number 6, your life purpose involves developing your nurturing gifts while fostering greater balance and serenity around you. By fine-tuning your environment, priorities and relationships to support your soul’s needs, you pave the way for profound inner fulfillment.


In summary, Soul Urge Number 6 individuals are compassionate, responsible nurturers pursuing harmony and loving connection. Though generous givers, Sixes must establish boundaries around caretaking and learn receiving from others.

When focused on service, teaching, healing and creative expression, Sixes thrive professionally. Peaceful workplaces allowing collaboration and mentorship enable Sixes to share their gifts. However, high pressure, rigid and conflict-ridden careers can deeply disrupt their soul orientation.

Romantically, Sixes are wonderfully matched with Numbers 2, 4 and 8 due to shared values of loyalty and affection. These sincere partners cherish and support Sixes’ loving devotion.

Ultimately, aligning lifestyle choices around their soul blueprints allows Sixes to find great meaning and contentment. By nurturing their need for tranquility, creative outlets and meaningful service, Sixes access a profound sense of inner richness and purpose.