Maldekian starseeds are a rare, but not unheard of, form of starseeds in a human body. Maldekian starseeds have a need to help others and will often go out of their way to do so.

These souls also spend time trying to understand who they are and what their purpose is in life.

Maldekians generally feel that they can’t truly find themselves until they’ve helped everyone else first.

In this article, you will earn if you are a Maldekian soul.

Who Are The Maldek Starseeds?

Maldekian starseeds are a rare type of starseed that has reached the highest level of universal light language.

Maldek starseeds have mastered the ability to bring cosmic energy into their physical bodies which allows them to heal themselves and others, as well as communicate with animals, plants, and other beings in nature.

They have an intense love for life and live in a state of constant joy. They are able to transcend time and space through astral projection or traveling on spiritual planes where they meet with various spirit guides from different cultures who provide information about past lives, lessons learned, future events, or anything else the Maldekian Starseed is seeking knowledge about.

Where Do Maldek Beings come from?

Maldek starseeds are beings from Maldek, a planet that existed but ran itself into the ground. Maldek was destroyed by nuclear disasters, wars, and a lack of natural resources.

These souls have incarnated on our planet to help people learn about peace so we don’t repeat Maldek’s mistakes.

Where is Maldek Located?

100’s of thousand years ago there was another planet in our solar system, about the same size as Earth that orbited between Mars and Jupiter. Maldek was lush and green with trees and with an atmosphere just like earth.


Maldeckian’s used advanced technology and were very good at automating things. They used their expert knowledge to run the ecosystem flawlessly, so it seemed.

Unfortunately, Maldeckians spent most of their resources on war and space exploration. They had the best weapons technology in our system.

Maldek developed into a planet that lacked food and resources for its population to feed themselves with or power up Maldekian’s machines.

Eventually, Maldek ran out of natural resources to sustain itself, Maldekian’s had exhausted the planet and Maldek was no more.

What Do Maldeckian’s look like?

We actually don’t know what Maldeckians look like, what we do know is that when a Maldekian soul incarnates into our world, they usually look like the people here on earth.

Maldeckian personality

Maldekians are what you might call “cosmic refugees” who want to grow in this dimension but not be completely subjected to it.

They have been known for being explorers and pioneers, going where there is no map and charting new territory. Maldekians are usually very creative and intelligent, with a spirit that is always in learning mode, never satisfied until they can fully understand something.

Maldekians also have the ability to see beyond what we call ‘reality,’ or as you may know it – our world’s third dimension. Maldekian souls love nothing more than to explore new worlds and dimensions.

Maldekians are often seen as a bit of an outsider, or the artist who sticks to themselves.

Maldekian souls have been known for giving up their personal power and live in service to others instead, which can cause them emotional abuse from those they serve because Maldekians love unconditionally and without judgment.

Maldeks usually don’t get into too many relationships, but are very much on the edge of society, as if we’re always waiting for something more to happen – which is why Maldekian souls usually incarnate here in this dimension right before a major disaster or cataclysmic event occurs.

Maldekian Starseed Traits

Here some traits of a Maldeckian soul:

  • Maldeckians are highly creative and often have a deep connection to their intuition
  • Maldeckians are very sensitive beings. They can be highly empathic, especially when they’ve been hurt or feel that their loved ones have been wronged in some way
  • Their sensitivity makes Maldekian souls extremely protective of the people they love
  • A Maldekian is usually very honest. Maldekians have a gift for seeing the truth in people and situations
  • Maldeckian souls are passionate, intense beings that know what they want out of life
  • Their intensity is also mixed with an adventurous spirit – Maldekians love to explore their world. They can also be seen as thrill-seekers because of this
  • Maldeckians are often very good at giving advice. Maldekian souls can sense and read people in a way that few others can
  • A Maldekian soul is usually an emotional being, they feel deeply about what happens to those around them
  • They have a deep passion for life’s pleasures and the beauty of this world.

Maldekian Energy

Maldekian energies are typically very intense, which can be a great advantage in certain situations but may also have some drawbacks.

Maldekians need to find ways of expressing their powerful emotions constructively and without feeling overwhelmed by them or taking it out on others.

They need to find ways of letting out their anger, frustration, and other strong feelings. Maldekians need to find constructive outlets for these emotions or risk keeping them bottled up inside until the pressure builds up too much.

It’s important that Maldekian energy doesn’t get channeled into destructive behavior because it can be so powerful!

Many Maldekians absorb other people’s feelings, especially unhappy or negative ones. They then take on these energies as if they were a part of themselves, which can be exhausting for them.

Maldekians need to be aware of this tendency and take steps to avoid absorbing other people’s energies or at least reduce the amount they do.

How Can Maldekians Stay Grounded?

How can Maldekians stay grounded? Maldekians have a tendency to be more emotional than most starseeds. They must learn how to stay grounded or they will needlessly take on the burdens of others.

If they don’t keep themselves grounded and clear, they will be emotionally shattered. Maldekian energy can seem like an emotional whirlwind of confusion if it is not properly managed – Maldekians must become aware of their emotions so that they don’t get lost in them.

Maldekians are also more sensitive to the energies around them than most starseeds; Maldekians must be aware of how their sensitivity affects them.

They must take care when spending time with groups or individuals who are struggling.

Maldekians need to find ways of releasing the negative energy that they have absorbed, or it will affect them negatively.

Maldekian starseeds must also be careful with how much time they spend on social media sites like Facebook, and instagram, these can cause Maldeks to feel overwhelmed by all the negative and compeditive energy.

Maldekians Gifts

The Maldekians are here on Earth with many gifts, here are some of them:

  • They can see beyond the physical reality.
  • Maldekian’s have a highly developed intuition.
  • Maldekians are very good at integrating new energies and patterns.
  • Maldekians can be the best mediators of all soul groups.
  • Maldeks are observers and are always aware of other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • The Maldekians are the most creative souls.
  • Maldekians are excellent for brainstorming sessions.
  • They have a deep and profound understanding of their own inner reality.
  • Maldekians have a unique sense of humor.
  • Maldekian’s are very in tune with the cosmos and space
  • Maldekians are natural-born teachers, therapists, and healers.
  • Maldekian’s have a deep understanding of the Law of Karma

Maldekian’s are sensitive with an intense psychic ability to feel emotions from other people or animals on Earth.

They can see healing rays coming out of people’s bodies when they are helping them. Maldekians can be clairvoyant and clairsentient. They are good at reading people’s auras, which is the vibrational energy that surrounds them.

Maldekians Spiritual Mission

Maldekian’s spiritual mission is to guide humanity through the transition to the new Earth. Maldekians are deeply loving and spiritual beings with an affinity for nature, animals, children, and family life.

Maldekian Starseeds are here to help us understand how harmful our current civilization is on the planet’s ecosystem by showing us what it would be like without human influence.

They are also here to correct their own mistakes by showing us how to live in balance with the Earth.

Maldekian Starseeds will be instrumental in helping humanity understand that we need one another if we want our planet to thrive again. Maldekians have a deep understanding of the Earth’s energy and are here to help balance it.

They are also here to help others individually too and have great empathy for those who experience challenges, as they know how hard life can be.


The Maldekian starseeds have a need to help others and will often go out of their way to do so. They also spend time trying to understand who they are and what their purpose is in life.

These souls feel that they can’t truly find themselves until they’ve helped everyone else first, which makes them an incredible gift for those around them.