The mind-body-soul connection is the thing that is present inside us since our birth. It is the unseen connection that forms the basis of your whole life.

But most people are not aware of it. It is the most beneficial connection that you can have in a lifetime, and its knowingness could transform your life completely.

You can easily see the examples of mind and body connection from your daily experiences. Does bad news make you feel sick in the stomach? Or happy news makes your heart beat fast?

Your mind and body have an invisible bond. Your thoughts are translated into an electrical impulse that in turn leads to biochemical reactions in the body that cause your body to react.

The reaction is spontaneous, and thus, any news affects your body within seconds.

That’s the connection between mind and body, but where does the soul stand in this connection? The mind-body-soul connection is present not only for the tangible parts of our lives but for the intangible as well.

The mind and body comprise of the physical part because we can see the connection they have. Even science provides evidence of their relationship.

Their connection and the results it produces are in front of our eyes.

On the other hand, the soul is the invisible part of this connection but the most powerful one.

It is the form of energy that sustains life in our body. Without a soul, mind and body are nothing. Soul provides life force to the body.

It has its own way of guiding the behaviour and actions of the mind. Soul connects our mind to the greater collective intellect and mind creates the physical aspect of our body.

Overall, your soul, mind, and body are working together as an energy system. The flow of energy in this system is not constant and change continuously.

Our health and wellness depend on this energy flow. When mind, body, and soul are in alignment, you will witness the following signs:

  • Feel happiness and joy in everything you do
  • Treat yourself with respect and love
  • Treat others in the best possible way
  • Know your life purpose and work hard to achieve it

When your mind-body-soul connection is disturbed, you will have these symptoms:

  • Life seems empty
  • There’s no joy in anything, no matter what you do
  • The sense of inferiority although you have many things in life
  • Anger and behavioral issues that affect other people around you

Negative thoughts, violence, jealousy, and anger are responsible for disturbing the connection present between your mind, body, and soul.

The soul nurtures on love, universal service, and wisdom.

When any one of these things is lacking, there’s an imbalance that upsets the body mind soul connection and causes physical as well mental illnesses.

If you have any complaints about life, that means you need to correct your connection.

Most of the time, we think that our problems are there because of our job, partner, health, kids, etc., but in reality, they are there because of the disturbance in your mind body soul connection.