It is difficult when someone we care about leaves our life and moves on to pastures new.

Sometimes the reasons for this are right, and sometimes they are wrong, sometimes there is no reason at all – it just happens, by fate and ill fortune.

But someone not being in our life now does not mean that they will not be in the future. And often we are driven to bring that future closer – to bring someone back into our life whom we sorely miss.

First, you should ask yourself and your spirit guides if this is really what is best for us and our spiritual journey.

Sometimes people leave our life for a karmic reason because we still need to learn things without them.

But if we decide we do want someone to contact us, for whatever reason, there are a few things we can do.

Conventional Means

The first option, once we have decided it would be a positive thing to establish contact with a person, is to try to contact them via conventional means.

This is not always possible.

But the most reliable tools we have are conventional communication tools, so they should be exhausted before we ask the universe to intervene.

Try calling them. If they reject our calls, emails and letters, maybe a mutual friend can ask them to contact you. If none of that works, we must move on to non-conventional means.

Make Sure You Are Balanced

If we are going to try to elicit contact via spiritual means, we must ensure that we are healthy, open, activated and balanced within ourselves.

We achieve this through meditation.

Many articles on this site can guide us through the chakra balancing process. In this instance, as we are reaching out to someone with which we have a love connection, we should concentrate primarily on the heart chakra.

Though, for the best chance, bringing all of our chakras into balance would be ideal. Shortcuts are often just wrong turns.


When our chakras are in balance, and we have a secure spiritual connection with someone – perhaps a soulmate or twin flame – we share a telepathic link with them.

If this is the case, we should pick a nice quiet spot that reminds us of the person we want to contact us and take a seat (or lie down; however you feel comfortable).

From here, it is just a case of thinking of the person we want to contact us and maintaining concentration on that.

Think of them, think of shared memories, think of the good times. Anything that evokes a strong emotional reaction in you is more likely to get their attention and make them think of you.

At that point, they may feel the spiritual drive to contact you.

Ask Spirit Guides

And when all else has failed, we consult our spirit guides and ask them why this endeavour has failed.

They may tell us to try harder. Or they may say to us that it is not the right time. We might not be ready for them; they might not be prepared for us.

We must remember to heed our spirit guides and their wisdom. Some things are not meant to be. The things that are meant to be will be.