Just like an umbilical cord transfers nutrients from a mother to a baby, an energy cord transfers emotional energy between two people.

As the cord is merely an abstraction and not a material substance, distance is relevant. The two lovers can communicate with each other through these cords even if they’re miles away.

Are you obsessed with someone? Do you find yourself immersed in their thoughts all the time? Is it indirectly affecting your social life?

This might be happening because the energy of another person is flooding your mental capacities. There are some steps you can take to detach yourself from such obsessive tendencies.

Connections are a two-way street. When two people align on a mental level, they initiate an energetic connection that can endure the test of time.

So, severing it is not only a difficult task but also time-consuming.

To understand the concept of energy cords in detail, let us first expand on the types of cords.

Heart Cords or Heart Strings: We develop a deep-seated heart to heart connection with someone who doesn’t leave our side when we’re going through a troubling time in our life.

Obviously, our hearts are bound to trust someone who helps us when we need them the most. Such cords are quite common between mothers, sons and siblings.

Stomach Cords: Wherever there is a fierce completion, there is a possibility of the creation of a stomach cord. Stomach cords often develop between people who have a mutual goal or ambition.

Cutting cords to toxic relationships

Toxic relationships are characterised by low energy levels, depression, boredom, illness and a spiritual plateau. Severing cords with a lover who emotionally drains you requires a lot of courage.

But it’s something that is essential. When a relationship turns toxic, it poses a threat to your very existence.

It entraps you in spiritual stagnation, where you’re sentenced to wallow in despair forever.

However, there are some drastic steps that you can take to break free from such a distressing association. We’ll discuss them later in this article.

Energy cords between lovers

Energy cords between lovers are also called the cords of attachment. They connect the chakras of two lovers so firmly that it’s close to impossible to break their union.

Not only do their frequencies, but also their emotions, thoughts and founding beliefs align as a result of energy cords.

But how do these cords form between two lovers in the first place?

Suppose you’ve gone through a heartbreak that has ravaged your life. If a person has gone through similar circumstances, your chakras will synchronise and form an energy cord.

People undergoing similar experiences often have similar chakras. And this energetic connection remains even after their relationship ends.

For relationships are a social agreement, and a heart cord isn’t dependent upon this worldly contract.

Energetic cord cutting exercise:

Find a quiet and peaceful place where there are no distractions. Calm your nerves and relax your senses.

Now, close your eyes and seek the help of your spirit guides. A spirit guide most often resides in a place which is also termed as our “happy place”. It’s a place where we retreat to when we can’t bear the noise of the world.

As soon as you feel the presence of your spirit guides, recite the following words.

“Beloved Spirit Guides, I seek your assistance to help me break free from my unhealthy patterns, existentialism, superficial attachments and sever any etheric cords that are holding me back from my spirituality.

Things and people that do not serve a higher purpose and no longer propel me towards love in its purest form, give me the strength and power to let go of them. “

Repeat these words for as long as you can, until it starts resonating inside your mind. Sooner rather than later, you’ll visualise severed cords being released into an abyss.

Note: You can modify the ritual to your liking. The important thing is to keep your intentions pure.