In this article, we’re going to tell you how to astral project instantly, but first let us throw light on the fundamentals of astral projection.

What is an out of Body Experience?

Astral projections or out of body experiences are psychic activities in which one departs his physical body and traverses through a dream world consciously.

Many people have reported that after returning from the dream world, they felt ill, out-of-sorts or nauseated.

One thing you must know about astral projections is that they are a highly evolved form of OBE.

The bearer of the astral plane has complete control over their destination and can navigate the spiritual realms with deliberation.

They know the precise moment of their departure from their physical body as well as his arrival in the dream world.

Method 1: The Bob Monroe technique

In this article, I’m going to highlight a time-tested method of astral projection.

Clear the mental clutter, and feel at ease. Forget about your worries, your worldly affairs and focus on the now. Anything that hinders your clarity must not be allowed to enter into your consciousness or subconscious. Sit down on a comfortable chair at a location where there are no disruptions.

Try to fall asleep. Stop when you’re in a half sleep state.

Strengthen that state by establishing a dominance of mental sensibilities over physical ones.

Focus on the vibration in your surroundings, which is bound to envelop you in a state of mental immersion. Energy holds paramount importance in the spiritual world. It shapes the physical  realms as well as the spiritual realms. Meditation is one way of increasing your receptiveness to outside vibration.

Let the vibration rest in your interiors and let it lead your journey. Once you do, you’ll be able to escape from your physical body and enter your soul.

The final step is called lifting out, in which you casually, without forcing, slide out of your physical body.

Method 2: Alternative Method of Astral projection: The Rope Technique

If you’re not ready for this method or have not yet reached a prerequisite level of psychic awareness, you can perform the significantly easier roping technique to astral project.

The Rope Technique

For the rope technique to work, you must thoroughly relax the physical body. No distraction whatsoever should be present in your physical surroundings.

After you’ve successfully done that, let vibration enter into your body. You can borrow this vibration from your surroundings. Focus on the energy that’s around you and provide it with a gateway to enter inside you. Once you do, you’ll feel a vibrating pulse running inside your body.

Now, imagine a rope of indefinite length hovering over you. Grab the line tightly using an astral hold. Remember, the physical body must remain entirely at ease during the whole process. Otherwise, your tempo will break, and you’ll have to start from scratch.

Now, begin climbing the rope, bit by bit. When you reach a point in the cable where you feel like you have exited from your physical body, stop. You have finally reached the astral dimension.

Remember, everything takes time and persistence. Intentionality is key. Gaining control of your consciousness is imperative. If at any point, you’re no longer in control of your senses, the astral world will crumble.