Twin souls exist as mirror expression of the soul they share in the higher dimensions of consciousness.

What this means for us is that we each have one person on this planet that shares our spiritual being. Our energies are theirs, and theirs are ours.

In fact, the twin soul relationship holds within it the greatest potential spiritual energy of any relationship we will experience on Earth.

The role of spiritual energy in the twin soul relationship is central and core and plays a huge role in the ascension process for which it is purposed.

Twin Soul Awakening

When we first meet our twin soul, we can experience what is known as a Kundalini awakening.

This is known by other names too and is often referred to simply as a spiritual awakening.

When this awakening occurs, the coiled potential spiritual energy within us unravels and releases into our subtle body – or spiritual self.

The reason this tends to happen when we meet our twin soul is due to the nature of the twin soul spiritual connection.

Because our energies are expressions of the same soul blueprint, we experience an energetic harmony with our twin soul that first attunes itself when we meet them – first on the spiritual plane during dreams, then on the physical plane when we meet them in person.

This harmony amplifies our energies and creates the frequency patterns required to release our coiled Kundalini.

The Spiritual Journey

From this point on, we endeavour with our twin soul to journey towards ascension. We do this by raising our energetic frequencies.

The central nature of energy to the twin soul relationship should be evident from this process. Energy is the tool with which we ascend with our twin soul and eventually unify with them.

This is the spiritual journey, and it is our mission on Earth to complete this journey, no matter how many lifetimes it takes.

And the reason this spiritual journey relies so heavily on the twin soul relationship is that there is no other source of spiritual energy that fills the requirements. Our shared soul guarantees energetic compatibility, a core need for the process of raising our energies towards higher dimensions of consciousness.

Spiritual Experience

Even when the twin soul relationship ends, its effects on our spiritual life continue.

This is because our energy connection with our twin soul – the silver cord – is unbreakable and constant.

Once opened fully by our meeting with our twin soul, this connection transfers energy back and forth between the twin souls forever.

This results in a real change in who we are as people, through merely being exposed to the energy of another human being.

Their experiences, attitudes, desires and sorrows are shared with us in the form of spiritual energy. They can have profoundly transformative effects.

The twin soul relationship is a primary source of spiritual energy, which it relies upon to fulfil its mission.

So when we think of our twin soul relationship, we should not only think of it as a relationship between people but a relationship between energies.

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