At the top of your head is the location of the seventh chakra; the crown chakra. The Sanskrit name for it is Sahasrara; it serves as a connection to the universe.

As mentioned this chakra governs the head. The Symptoms of this chakra relate to spiritual awakening.

There have been many cases where people have experienced an awakening of this chakra.

The symptoms they experienced are;

  • Headaches
  • Infrequent sleep patterns
  • Other unexplained phenomena

Therefore, it’s possible you may experience the very same symptoms.

Luckily with research and observation, we have laid out the symptoms as shown below.

Warning: This article does not provide any medical advice: If You have frequent headaches. Please check with your medical practitioner.

Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms: Tingling Sensation And More

Emotional detachment

You might start to feel a certain type of detachment that secludes you from your peers, but not in a wrong way.

Your thinking will change. Your view about life will be different than how ordinary people think and see it.

You might even start to disengage in any small talk. Therefore your need to have a profound conversation grows.

Because your body is already resistant to any change. There will be a war raging on inside you.

Because the chakra has opened; you will experience aches, pains and headaches.

Selective Eating habits

You may have heard of the notion that food is good for the soul. Nothing could be truer. The food you want is for the soul rather than your body.

There will be craving for certain foods and a dislike and aversion for others.

Sleep Patterns Change

The next thing that will happen is a change in the way you sleep; your cycle will start to vary from the way you knew it.


The most common symptoms people have mentioned is the tingling sensation. The symptom occurs in the head (crown) and throughout the spine. You may experience tingling on the forehead too.

The tingling sensation relates to the energy which is flowing down through you.

Whenever you feel tingling in your head, it means you are opening up to the energy you are receiving.

Breakage of Old Bonds

As mentioned above, the tingling is also connected to old energy. Your body is releasing lower energy and replacing it with higher ones.

Once the new energy is in your body, you will distance yourself from people who lower your energy.

You’ll no longer feel the need to stay loyal to shallow friends and abusive relationships.

From now on, you’ll only socialise with those people who are spiritual and erudite. The ones who vibrate at the same mental intensity as you.

Receptiveness to a higher vibration

After experiencing these symptoms, you will become more aware of your surroundings. You will understand life on a deeper level.

Your latent psychic abilities will become active again. If they are already active, they will be stronger.

But the physical aspect of the symptoms will be too much for you; you might feel overwhelmed. Your mind will get jumbled and cluttered. You won’t be able to think straight or focus.

If you are experiencing any of the above crown chakra symptoms, get ready for a life of enlightenment.