[lmt-post-modified-info]When we are ready to proceed with opening our crown chakra, we get to have a soul-riveting experience. It heralds the imminence of the profound embracement that is feeling completely connected and lit up!

It immerses you in the previously unseen world of higher vibrational dimensions.

It is overwhelming and confusing to have all these seemingly extra senses to observe, feel, and hear with.

Our 3D is dense, it has form, unlike the higher vibrational 4D reality which moves too fast for anyone with a blocked crown chakra.

Crown Chakra Opening Experience

When you let your chi light energy run unobstructed through your 3D chakra points you open metaphysical doors to endless wisdom and love.

You feel the universal connection of soul light flow as if you are one with the universe. Mainly because we all are one with The Universe, it only exists because we are here to witness it.

All the wisdom you have been seeking is available to you as a directory, linking you to every living being inside it.

The crown chakra, located in your neural regions, is the place where all chakras meet.

The collective wisdom of all other chakras amassed through life experiences, creative thought, and meditation blends here.

As the Crown chakra rests in your head, significant physical sensations are felt in this region.

Headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and even migraines are symptomatic of an awakening of the crown chakra. You’re left wondering how an experience so soul-enriching is so emotionally tolling.

The intuitive mind grows in wisdom. It can perceive, anticipate, and understand with unprecedented ease.

The dreams are magnificent; it feels as if a tidal wave is carrying you to a spiritual realm of infinite possibilities, a fifth dimension.

So, at this time, enjoy your dreams as much as you can. Try to understand the messages they’re trying to convey to you. Also, now your dreams will be incredibly vivid.

Gone are the days when they were just poorly understood thought processes of your brain.

When You Experience Crown chakra opening symptoms

Here are the signs your Crown chakra is opening doors to a new dawn in your life.

Tingling in the Head

Tingling in the head is a common symptom of crown chakra opening. As the emotional debris blocking the pathways of the crown chakra clears, energy is constantly released, resulting in sensory imbalance and emotional instability.

Pulsating electric shocks originating from the head are also felt throughout the body. Bursts of white light and an ethereal or floating feeling also follows.

As the body cleanses negative energies, you feel extremely light on our feet, as if you’re not even grounded.

What’s happening is that the opening of the crown chakra is clearing up the blockages in its pathway, creating space for newer positive forces inside your brain.

All our life, we hoard emotional insecurities, past traumas, brooding thoughts, and give them the power to deteriorate our mental peace.

The crown chakra ensures that none of those contaminants remain, once it awakens.

Emotional Detachment

The individual experiencing the awakening of the Crown Chakra goes through a roller-coaster of emotions. Behaviors and patterns change significantly.

Old beliefs are shed away. Interest in past ambitions fades away and is superseded by points of spiritual interest.

It is time to muster the courage to break-free from manipulative friendships and abusive relationships.

Disillusionment is the process of unlearning to create room for the right kind of knowledge. That is precisely what’s happening when your crown chakra is opening.

Change in Lifestyle

Were you obsessed with fast food? Do you certainly feel a kind of diversion from bad eating practices?

Have you taken drastic steps to take care of your overall health? If so, it’s the doing of your crown chakra.

Only those foods are palatable for you now that have positive energy associated with them.

It’s like you can judge the soul of any food by looking at it and eating anything registering as suffering is off the menu.

You might have an insatiable appetite for green vegetables, delicious fruits, and go so far as to incorporate them permanently in your daily regime.

Lighter meals and hydrating plant-based snacks are excellent in sustaining you. Don’t forget to take any supplements you may need, especially B12 if you are vegan.

Benefits of Opening Crown Chakra

There are many benefits of an opened crown chakra. A world of knowledge and wisdom awaits you on the other side.

The unrestricted potential for love and light may expand your mental capacities to newer horizons. Your usual attitude towards life may fade away.

You start to see the reality of people. If they give you a negative vibe, instead of running away from them, you take steps to heal them and raise their vibration. You embrace the beauty of others.

Most of all, you forgive yourself for all the mistakes you’ve committed in your life. You learn to let go of past grudges and personal shortcomings.

You solely reside in the NOW. All that matters to you is the present and the future, and how you can use them both to help others and spread love.

Crown Chakra Pressure – Head

Pressure in the region between your eyebrows and the crown of the head can result from either emotional stress or accumulation of spiritual energy.

Many spiritual practices, especially meditation, propel energy towards your forehead. In some cases, the pressure on the crown chakra is symptomatic of newer energies.

To brood over that pressure is one of the worst things you can do. The best course of action would be to let things run their organic course. Everything happens for a mystical reason in the world of spirituality. At first, the reasons are unclear.

The opening of the crown chakra often follows this pressure on your head. As the mind gets introduced to newer perspectives and spiritual dimensions, it undergoes intense pressure to attune to these newer horizons.