Our planet is in peril.

That isn’t an exaggeration. Every day, all over the world, pollutants are spewed into the atmosphere, causing the ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise. The temperature is slowly rising, and we as a species have been slow to take action.

The problem is that most of us don’t think that we can make a real difference. But we can. If we all do our part, metaphysically and practically, we can connect with and save our Mother Earth.

Metaphysical Causes Of Climate Change

When climate change is talked about on the news, we hear all about chemicals, plastics, recyclables and renewables. We hear about fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses, agriculture reducing emissions and carbon offsetting.

All of that stuff is important for scientists and policymakers to know and for all of us to be paying attention to.

But they miss an essential part of the issue – as a species, we have become disconnected from Mother Earth. She needs us as much as we need her. We are one with her. Every physical thing you can see and touch comes from Mother Earth. Even us! We are the physical manestifation of her allowed to be human by being graced with the precence of a soul.Connect And Save Mother Earth

Few of us spend enough time in nature to bond with her. Rather than seeing the natural world and respecting Mothers dignity and power, we are kept away from it in our cities and miss out on that perspective.

That inevitably leads to greed, which has unfortunately led to the near destruction of our Mother Earth.

Connecting With Mother Earth

It falls on us to connect with Mother Earth, to help restore her dignity and health. It falls on us because we rely on our planet to provide us with life, and if we do not connect with her, we cannot continue here.

Thankfully, it isn’t that difficult to reconnect with Mother Earth.

Taking long walks in the countryside, hiking a mountain, taking a rowing boat down a river – these are all metaphysical tasks that help us to connect with Mother Earth. But there are more simple, practical things that can be done too.

Simple acts like picking up litter, tending the garden, appreciating the beauty of the natural world – these all help in both a practical way and in a metaphysical way.

And actions speak louder than words – on the astral plane and the physical.

Saving Mother Earth

If there were only one lesson in all of the Universal metaphysical teachings available to us, it would be the importance of unity and oneness.

Each of us acts as an individual, but in truth, we are all just parts of a greater whole. Working together, spreading the message of taking responsibility for the welfare of Mother Earth, will allow us to save our Mother planet and save all our own souls.

So if you want to connect and save Mother Earth, you need to not only connect with Mother Earth through the natural world and meditation, but you also need to communicate with others and work towards that common goal.

The world often falls to greed – that has been apparent throughout history. But what is more apparent is that, through disaster and success alike, people only get through when they act, speak and think as one.