Empaths are highly sensitive and perceptive beings that experience everything on a profound level.

Their vivid and lucid dreams hold power to dictate the future. They inform the empath of imminent dangers, soul-mate unions, and many other happenings.

They always symbolise something vital, something that is supposed to play a pivotal role in their destinies.

That’s why; their accurate interpretation is a must. Their dream world is a treasure trove of fun, mystery, and adventures ― just begging to be discovered.

In dreams, empaths come across various symbols that signify something important.

For empaths to interpret dreams, they must understand the meanings of these symbols.

Symbols in Empathic dreams


If you visualise water in your dreams, then it means that your spiritual body is undergoing a healing phase.

How is it purging our souls of negative emotions? It is doing that by cleansing our emotions.

Negative energies, such as fears, insecurities and emotional scars strengthen our self-egos and infest our emotions.

The body eliminates these emotions from the conscious and subconscious mind, to purify the mind and soul, and that is precisely what the clear and soothing water symbolises.


Different colours have different meanings ― in the dream world and the real world. For instance, if we stumble across a clear blue colour in our dreams, it calms us. Similarly, a black pond may herald the imminence of someone’s death or a harrowing tragedy.

Empaths often come across a blue flower in their dreams, which represents spiritual evolution and illumination.

It tells them that they are moving on the path of love and light, and they should continue on this journey to attain eternal bliss and inner peace.

Getting acquainted with the meanings of other colours is also essential for interpreting empathic dreams.


Numbers have resounding spiritual energies, and hold in them, essential messages for empaths.

For example, if empaths stumble across the number 22 in their dreams quite frequently, it means that they are close to their twin flames.

The number 5 represents change and transformation. Seeing this number in dreams symbolises that we are soon going to undergo an experience in our lives that will transform our perceptions, thoughts and way of life.

The number 7 is a mystical number that alludes to the seven days of creation.

Looking up the meanings of every number in the spiritual dictionary is key to understanding the reasons for their emergence in dreams.


Visions of people in dreams can have subjective meanings. For instance, if we see a celebrity in our dreams, it might be because they inspire us.

When you admire someone a lot, you often visualise them in your dreams, because deep-down, you want to be like them.

Sometimes, people often see their deceased family members in their dreams, when they dearly miss them.

A deceased mother may appear in her daughter’s dream to soothe her, and to uplift her spirits, by shedding some words of wisdom.

The key to interpreting vivid empathic dreams lies in decoding the symbols in them. Without knowing what these symbols represent, an empath cannot understand what their dreams are pointing towards.